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Hello! You can call me JJAK/(짝)
I am an graphic designer/illustrator

Moved to CA!


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Hi guys! Opening commissions here too. &Used a few more recent examples. :) 

I may be slow during the school year, but— 

If you’re interested, please read this (Paypal only) and

Contact at nitafajita@gmail.com or note me at dA with the form. Thank you! 

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Long overdue wip.

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I was told I’m not a very warm person and it is perceived through my art.

Sorry if I came off that way, my dudes.

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Frog eggs look like boba.

Preview of the finished work. There isn’t much more to it, but I like the cropped version better.

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New Job!

Hi guys,

I recently started a new job, so it will be a while until I balance out work & drawing. Commissions are selectively open at the moment (if it interests me, I will do it.)

Hope to upload more work soon!

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Work in progress, from tonight’s livestream.

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I discovered sea feathers this morning, which instantly resulted in underwater mermaid burlesque.

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Starting to gain a little obsession with sailor school uniforms. 

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【How to Train Your Spirit】

Ghibli Riders should be a thinggg (◜ ◬ ◝)

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I fell in love with her.

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Had this idea for the longest time and finally made a prototype. I want to regret the choice of tea I used for this, but it has that cute macabre look to it that I love, so I don’t.

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Doodle from last night.

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Anonymous said: do you have strong opinions on reposting art?

Oh yeah… You shouldn’t do it.

I don’t understand the whole point of it. Do re-posters get some kind of high getting recognition for something they didn’t create? I found that if I want to share other artists’ images/art with others, I can just directly link to the source for people to see themselves or reblog. Social media makes it so easy to share directly from the source now-a-days.

It should be understood without putting my name all over everything or a disclaimer not to repost art that it’s mine. Hopefully my followers and others who come by my blog understand this as well.

Please support the original artists’ wishes. There’s a distinct line between being flattered and getting sniped.

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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For anyone that knows me, Howl’s Moving Castle is my absolute favorite story from both Studio Ghibli and Diana Wynne Jones, though the imagery is heavily based on Hayao Miyazaki’s vision.

This is a re-do of an old piece, though with the way it turned out, I may have to end up finishing this one to the end.

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6/20/14 - Redraw in livestream session

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